Shudder Bait 1/2 Dirty Chartreuse Shad

Shudder Bait 1/2 Dirty Chartreuse Shad

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ID: gsp342316 / Manufacturer: Terminator / Quantity: 0 / Weight: 0.1 Pounds

Custom designed swimming lip, combined with a lower positioned head creates an erratic, hard pounding, sweeping action.


- Amplified water displacement generated by the swimming lip emulates feeding predatory fish
- Life-like, interchangeable silicone skirt in baitfish patterns
- Stainless soft plastics keeper
- Premium VMC hook, Duolock Snap and split ring


- Hook Size: #5/0
- Weight: 1/2 oz
- Color: Dirty Chartreuse Shad
- Quantity: Package of 1

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