Rage Blade Blaster 1/2oz,Chartreuse

Rage Blade Blaster 1/2oz,Chartreuse

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ID: gsp320496 / Manufacturer: Strike King Lures / Quantity: 0 / Weight: 0.1 Pounds

The Rage Blade Blaster is a unique bait fish imitating lure. It is a counter balanced blade that produces tons of vibration. You can reel it medium and steady or fast and erratic, you can
rip it and let it fall fast and it is great for casting or vertical jigging. It�s a super multi species bait and really excels for black bass, white bass, and hybrids. Bug �em with this blade
and you�ll get �em to bite with rage! Features feathered treble hook, chrome or powder colored finish.


- Water Type: Freshwater
- Color: Chartreuse
- Weight: 1/2 oz.
- Hook: Feathered Treble Hook
- Pack Quantity: 1

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