Megaforce THS Baitcasting w/Twitchin' Bar

Megaforce THS Baitcasting w/Twitchin' Bar

ID: gsp190341 / Manufacturer: Daiwa / Quantity: 1 / Weight: 0.75 Pounds

Daiwa Megaforce THS Baitcasting Reels feature Daiwa's Twitchin' Bar. With a simple touch of the thumb, the Twitchin Bar lets you pick up slack line instantly or impart a subtle twitchin' action to a jig or plastic worm, deadly when fish are finicky. Clutch and Twitchin' mechanisms are beefed up to handle the Hyper Speed 7.3 to one retrieve.


- Twitchin' Bar
- Six ball bearings
- Hyper Speed 7.3 to 1 gear ratio
- Swept Handle
- Magforce-Z automatic anti-backlash control
- Precision click drag adjustment


- Retrieve: Right Hand
- Action FW/SW: M/L
- Bearings: 6BB, 1RB
- Gear Ratio: 7.3:1
- Line Per Handle Turn: 31.5"
- Line Capacity (lb. test/yds): 12/150, 14/125
- Max Drag: 8.8
- Weight: 8.8 oz

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