Lion Dog Wakizashi

Lion Dog Wakizashi

ID: gsp99800 / Manufacturer: CAS Hanwei / Quantity: 1 / Weight: 5.65 Pounds

The Lion Dog Wakizashi from Paul Chen of Hanwei features an O-Kissaki blade of our own high-alloy HWS-1S steel, which combines superior performance with an outstanding O-choji hamon. This steel is made in Hanwei's new factory, with high-tech equipment, producing a very pure advanced-metallurgy blade with the best edge-holding capability and resilience of any blade ever produced by Hanwei. The outstanding performance characteristics of blades forged from HWS-1S steel derive from a combination of the careful selection of alloying elements and a complex processing procedure, basically involving the manipulation of the steels carbon content across the blade section. This results in a very tough and resilient blade with a hard, highly abrasion-resistant edge.

The sharply detailed fittings feature a Lion-dog themed black iron tsuba, with matching fuchi/kashira and golden peony menuki. The complex saya features a gloss-lacquered ribbed section at the koiguchi/kurikata with the balance spatter-lacquered for a very attractive appearance. The premium multi-colored sageo is hand-woven in pure silk.


- HWS-1S steel
- High quality fittings
- Hand Woven Silk Sageo


- Blade Length: 20 1/2"
- Handle Length: 6 5/8"
- Overall: 27 3/8"
- Weight: 1lb 10oz

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