Cottonwood Sidewall 10x10

Cottonwood Sidewall 10x10

ID: gsp75073 / Manufacturer: PahaQue / Quantity: 30 / Weight: 1.4 Pounds

PahaQue Cottonwood 10x10 Sidewall allows you to add protection from wind or sun, on any side of your Cottonwood LT 10x10 Shade Shelter. Attaches easily using toggle hooks at the four corners of the sidewall and can be easily repositioned as the sun moves across the sky or the wind changes direction. Make your Cottonwood LT 10x10 even more versatile with this easy-to-use accessory. Can be used with 1 to all 4 Sidewalls at a time. Will not fit older model Cottonwoods.


- Add protection from wind or sun
- Corner webbing and toggle hooks ensure an easy, custom fit


- Fits: Cottonwood LT 10x10 (Will not fit older model Cottonwoods)
- Size: 10 ft x 6 ft
- Material: 150D polyester oxford, with heavy-duty waterproofing and UV coatings
- Sun Protection Factor: 50+
- Color: Green
- Weight: 2 lbs

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