Mold Dc 358-140-Swc

Mold Dc 358-140-Swc

ID: gsp336119 / Manufacturer: Lee Precision / Quantity: 2 / Weight: 0.85 Pounds

Lee Bullet Molds are a great choice for reloaders looking for a quality mold at an affordable price. Lee machines their mold blocks from aluminum making them rust resistant. Aluminum molds heat up and cool down faster than iron or steel molds and good bullets can usually be produced only after a few casts. In addition, aluminum blocks are one-third the weight of iron or steel mold blocks offering the bullet caster less fatigue during extended casting sessions. To ensure the best possible bullets, mold block halves are CNC machined for unmatched roundness and size control. Weights given are Lee weights with suggested alloy; actual weight may vary due to the alloy mixture used.

Lee Precision does not recommend the use of any spray type mold release products in their bullet molds. The use of such products may result in a build-up of the release product in the bullet mold cavity, reducing the diameter of the bullets cast from the treated mold. Instead, Lee Precision recommends smoking the mold with a wooden match, beeswax candle or a butane lighter as described in their provided bullet mold instructions.


- Machined Aluminum Mold Blocks and Hard Anodized Sprue Plate
- Tangential cut off which helps to eliminate the nip at the sprue cut off
- Hardwood Handles


- Material: Aluminum
- Capacity: 2
- Diameter: 0.358"
- Bullet Style: Semi-Wadcutter
- Handle Included: Yes
- Gas Check: No
- Bullet Weight: 140 Grains
- Mold Caliber: 38 Special, 357 Mag

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