25 Auto Carbide Sz Die Only

25 Auto Carbide Sz Die Only

ID: gsp115684 / Manufacturer: Lyman / Quantity: 1 / Weight: 0.6 Pounds

Lyman 25 Auto Carbide Size Die Only

Lyman premium die uses a diamond hard, tungsten carbide ring to size straight walled cases. The T-C ring is so hard that clean cases can be smoothly sized without case lube.

Lyman Pistol Dies deliver round after round of the high performance ammo serious shooters demand. Whether for bullseye, action or cowboy shooting, pistol reloaders most often are looking to generate volumes of reloads which deliver consistent quality. That's why Lyman Pistol Dies are such a good choice and they fit virtually any reloading press, including the popular progressives.


- Cartridge: 25 Auto
- Lyman Tungsten Carbide (T-C) Sizing Die

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