Dead On 1pc Ring/Base Set Low Blk 1"

Dead On 1pc Ring/Base Set Low Blk 1"

ID: gsp107663 / Manufacturer: CVA / Quantity: 2 / Weight: 0.6 Pounds

This innovative design uses Z2 Alloy to make it the strongest mount available for your CVA rifle and scope. The DEAD-ON one-piece system is the fastest way to mount optics on your CVA rifle and will give you years of rock-solid performance. A one-piece system also means there are fewer parts than can come loose to affect your accuracy. Plus, the molded Z2 Alloy ensures better ring alignment to grip your scope tighter but with less stress on the scope tube.


- Fits CVA Apex, Optima Elite Center-Fire Barrels, New CVA Scout Rifle (all Models) and all 2010 or later Model CVA Muzzleloaders (Wolf, Optima, Accura V20
Height: Low
Finish: Black

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