Depthpower Electric Plug & Socket,Marinco

Depthpower Electric Plug & Socket,Marinco

ID: gsp237574 / Manufacturer: Scotty / Quantity: 1 / Weight: 0.35 Pounds

The patented Marinco ConnectPro Plug and Receptacle features unique locking blades with the industrys largest surface-area for maximum surface contact and electrical conductivity.

ConnectPro connections are weather resistant.

The marine-grade design includes corrosion resistant, plated-brass electrical components, and a watertight sealing cap.

The plugs erogonomic, soft-contoured grip allows easy hook-up and blade alignment.

An O-ring seals out moisture while plugged into the receptacle.

The receptacle has Marincos exclusive Perma-Lock terminals, meaning they virtually never need to be retightened.

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