RH TacLocHlstrBersaThndrCC9mm&BPCCw/C ECR

RH TacLocHlstrBersaThndrCC9mm&BPCCw/C ECR

ID: gsp250116 / Manufacturer: Viridian Weapon Technologies / Quantity: 3 / Weight: 0.55 Pounds

TacLoc elevates your holster to a weapon-response tool that secures your gun, speeds your draw and optimizes your laser like nothing else. Custom fit matches your Viridian-equipped pistol flawlessly.

Holstering the gun secures it perfectly. Drawing releases it smoothly and the Enhanced Combat Readiness (ECR) Instant-On system ignites your laser automatically, the second you draw. It's the most advanced, most effective carry setup you can get.

Slide your Viridian-equipped Sig into your TacLoc holster, and you know it's secure and ready. Perfect fit, instant auto-lock, fingertip release and fast draw make this the carry system with confidence built in.


- Custom Viridian-matched fit for smoother holster, faster draw
- Automatically secures your weapon when you holster it (Level two retention)
- Optimum button pressure for positive retention, extreme draw speed
- TacLoc button places finger in ideal postion to activate laser/light
- Pro-preferred mid-ride position, proven Kydex construction


- Paddle platform


- Fits: Bersa Thunder 9 and BPCC and Viridian C Series products
- Compatible with BLACKHAWK! 3-bolt platform for customization opportunities
- For right-handed shooters

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