ISP RH Sz36,2" Barrel Sm Frame 5Shot Rvlr

ISP RH Sz36,2" Barrel Sm Frame 5Shot Rvlr

ID: gsp264820 / Manufacturer: GrovTec US / Quantity: 2 / Weight: 0.2 Pounds

GrovTec GT Inside-the-Pant Holsters

Made in the USA


- Multi-layer material produces similar size to conventional suede holsters
- Internal moisture barrier prevents perspiration contact with gun
- Soft nylon lining eases and speeds draw of weapon
- Belt clip slips over pants and belt to secure holster for safe draw of gunSIZE L/R PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION
- Suede outer layer secures holster from movement
- Serged edges for durability and comfort


- Size: 36
- Handed: Right Hand
- Fits: 2" Barrel, Small Frame 5 Shot Revolvers with Hammer Spur
- Color: Black

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