Appx Adj. Belt Clip Sig Sauer P365

Appx Adj. Belt Clip Sig Sauer P365

ID: gsp349863 / Manufacturer: Fobus / Quantity: 2 / Weight: 0.3 Pounds

The Appendix Series was designed and manufactured to meet the growing demand for CCW appendix style and is completely customizable for optimum form and function. The Appendix holster offers adjustable passive retention in an exceedingly comfortable and concealable design. It features a unique, removable �Concealment Wing� which draws your firearm closer to your body to reduce printing while also ensuring all day wearability. The Appendix holster also includes many other notable features, such as a detachable sweat guard and rotating belt clip, both being ambidextrous.


- Adjustable Passive Retention
- Detachable Ambidextrous Sweat Guard
- Rotating Ambidextrous Belt Clip
- Removable Concealment Wing (for right-handed users only)
- Protected sight channel
- Low profile design for concealability


- Fits: Sig Sauer P365
- Draw Hand: Right/Left
- Color: Black

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