3S Pistol Pocket RH Sig P239

3S Pistol Pocket RH Sig P239

ID: gsp23686 / Manufacturer: Bianchi / Quantity: 2 / Weight: 0.6 Pounds

This leather inside waist holster is handcrafted with a premium grade full grain cowhide. It has a thumb snap closure and rides inside the waist for concealability. The dual snap-on belt loop wraps around the belt securing it to the waist. The belt loop can be rotated to five different locations for a variety of carry angles to best suit the user's needs. A reinforced top allows for stay-open holstering.


- 1.75" belt loop
- Can be worn both strongside and cross draw
- Fully adjustable swivel offers various carry options
- Hand-boned for a precise fit
- Inside the waistband with dual snap attachment to belt
- Metal-reinforced thumb snap for quick release
- Open muzzle design


- Material: Leather
- Color: Tan
- Finish: Plain
- Hand: Right


- Sig Sauer.357 Sig, P239 / P239 DAK / P239 SAS, 3.6" Barrel
- Sig Sauer .40 S&W, P239 / P239 DAK / P239 SAS, 3.6" Barrel
- Sig Sauer 9x19mm Parabellum, P239 / P239 DAK / P239 SAS / P239 Tactical, 3.6" Barrel

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