Bradley Smart Smoker 6-Rack

Bradley Smart Smoker 6-Rack

ID: gsp272623 / Manufacturer: Bradley Technologies / Quantity: 7 / Weight: 71.9 Pounds

Introducing the Bradley Smart Smoker with iSmoke Technology

The Bradley Smart Smoker is an improved automatic electric smoker, which is the result of years of advancement and testing on existing smokers. It features innovative iSmoke Technology, enabling you to connect to and control the smoker from Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets in real-time. Another improvement is its larger capacity smokehouse, with room for 10 racks of food. Two removable, color-coded temperature probes allow you measure heat in different areas of the smokehouse simultaneously, for advanced monitoring. It comes with 4 adjustable feet, 2 optional wheels and a recipe booklet.


- Dimensions: 40.5" height x 24" wide x 14.25" deep
- Inside Dimensions: 33.25" height x 15.5" wide x 11.75" deep
- Usable rack area: 780 sq." with 6 racks (included), 130 sq." with 10 racks (additional racks sold separately)
- Net Weight: 58.75 lb

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