TFX Ber Px4 Storm Frnt Pro Orn

TFX Ber Px4 Storm Frnt Pro Orn

ID: gsp274530 / Manufacturer: Truglo / Quantity: 1 / Weight: 0.15 Pounds

TFX Sights are always ready�made from ultra-tough, chemical-resistant materials and providing a bright sight picture both day
and night, helping you stay prepared for any scenario. TFX PRO takes it to the next level, offering a contrasting colored
front focus ring and U-notch rear sight design for faster sight acquisition and improved accuracy. Additionally, the
rear sight features an aggressively angled front edge for emergency one-handed operation. TFX PRO sights
are designed for shooters who require the absolute best reliability, visibility, and accuracy.


- Contrasting colored front sight for even faster focus
- Quick and accurate U-notch Design
- Angled rear sight for emergency one-hand operation
- All features of our popular TFX Handgun sights


- Fits: Berea PX4 Storm (excluding Compact) (Front Only)

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