RL Cap Style 6 Pt Ratchet White

RL Cap Style 6 Pt Ratchet White

ID: gsp324091 / Manufacturer: Pyramex Safety Products / Quantity: 16 / Weight: 0.85 Pounds

Shell constructed from High Density Polyethylene. Rain trough on sides and back of helmet channel moisture away. Soft brow pad is replaceable and washable. Low profile design. Universal accessory slots fit cap mounted ear muffs and chin straps. Snap Lock suspension features tuck away adjustments for all day, hassle free wear. Cap style is available with 4 and 6 point nylon suspensions - Snap Lock and Ratchet styles. Available in 6 colors. Meets ANSI Z89.1 standards, Type 1 - Class C, G, and E.


- ABS Material: Strong, yet ultra-light for seemingly weightless protection
- Low Profile Design: Offers a low center of gravity for better balance
- Rear Padded Suspension: Provides additional level of comfort on the wearers´┐Ż neck
- 4 Position Harness Points: Allows you to move the harness forward, backward, up or down - allowing for the most optimal position for ultimate comfort
- Replaceable Sweat Band: Padded fabric and polyurethane foam for all day wear
- Vented Pressure Pad: Keeps the straps in place providing an additional level of comfort
- Easy to Grasp Knob: Adjusts the suspension from 6 1/2 to 8
- Swinging Hinge Points: Allows you to find the most comfortable position on the back of your head


- General Dimensions: 11.02" x 8.66" x 5.98"
- Shell Thickness: 0.08" to 016"
- Weight: 12.63 oz
- Color: White

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