Poly-Planar 7-⅛" Speaker Back Cover - White

Poly-Planar 7-⅛" Speaker Back Cover - White

ID: cwr43259 / Manufacturer: Poly-Planar / Quantity: 30 / Weight: 0.2 Pounds

7-1/8" Speaker Back Cover

*Sold as a Single Cover

Provide protection to the back side of the speakers, behind a bulkhead or wall. Covers wire connections and protects the speakers cones.

  • Slotted mounting holes match stud locations on most speakers
  • Covers wire connectors
  • Compact size fits PolyPlanar MA4054, MA4055, MA4056, MA8505, MA8506 and MA6500 speakers
  • Sold as a single cover

Diameter Size: 7-1/8"

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