Caframo Taku 7620 12V Hatch Fan w/Suction Mount & Light - White

Caframo Taku 7620 12V Hatch Fan w/Suction Mount & Light - White

ID: cwr54304 / Manufacturer: Caframo / Quantity: 1 / Weight: 5.7 Pounds

Taku 7620 12V Hatch Fan with Suction Mount & Light - White

Clear your boat of stifling hot air in minutes!

Keep cool with this easy-to-install, suction cup mounted hatch fan featuring push button controls and built-in LED cabin lights. This versatile pivoting axis fan can be swiveled to exhaust air out of the cabin or bring fresh air in. 

Not just a hatch fan, the versatile 12V Taku can also be swung down into the cabin and swiveled 360° to direct a cooling breeze right where you want it. Installs on most hatches 19" across and larger. The Taku comes equipped with 20' of fully annealed (tinned), corrosion resistant wire.

Temporary operation: The lighter plug adapter can be plugged into any 12V outlet.

Permanent operation: The Taku can be wired directly to the electrical system.


  • 500 CFM Air Blast Exchange Mode
  • High efficiency LED light
  • 3 Quiet comfort speeds
  • Suction cup mounts
  • Long life motor
  • 2-Year warranty
  • Made in Canada
  • Sealed brushless motor


  • Exchange stale cabin air in minutes
  • Battery-friendly high efficiency lighting
  • Quiet, comfortable cabin
  • Easy to install
  • Years of trouble-free operation
  • Draws less than 1 amp at high speed/4.3A on turbo

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