1408 Pistol

1408 Pistol

ID: gsp331389 / Manufacturer: Daisy Outdoor Products / Quantity: 1 / Weight: 1.55 Pounds

Daisy's PowerLine 408 is ideal for marksmanship training and hours of backyard shooting fun. Line up the front and rear white dot sights and squeeze the trigger to send ammo down the rifled steel barrel at up to 485 fps. The ergonomic grip features a pebble textured grip cover, enabling a steady grip similar to that of your firearm pistol. The magnetic 8-shot rotary clip of this semi-automatic CO2 pistol lets you load and shoot either BBs or .177 cal. pellets. Two clips are included so you can reload quickly and easily.


- Type: Air Pistol
- Action: Semi-Automatic
- Caliber: .177 Pellet/BB
- Capacity: 8 Rounds
- Finish: Black
- Sights: Blade & Ramp Front/Fixed Rear
- Weight: 20.8 oz.
- Stock: Black Synthetic
- Barrel Type: Rifled Steel
- Velocity: 485 fps
- Power Type: CO2
- Length: 10.9"
- Width: 17.6"
- Height: 1.9"

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