Field Camo Polyester/Suede Bag/CS (10")

Field Camo Polyester/Suede Bag/CS (10")

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ID: gsp257525 / Manufacturer: Bulls Bag/Uncle Buds / Quantity: 0 / Weight: 0.75 Pounds

Field Woodland Camo style shooting rest fills easily with many forms of media choices and adds additional portability by including military D-rings and carry/shoulder strap. Vise-grip locking of the rifle allows for a rock-steady platform in the field and on the bench. Light-weight and 9" suede top, provides exceptional griping, while reducing felt-recoil and muzzle-jump.


- This Woodland Camo Military Style Field Bulls Bag shooting rest, shown with gold embroidery, adds additional portability by including military D-rings and carry/shoulder strap. The durable heavy polyester double-seam shooting rest construction and fill spout design promises decades of reliable trouble-free use.
- The patented butterfly rifle rest hinge action creates a gun vise-grip by locking the rifle in place and allows for a rock-steady shooting rest platform when testing loads on the bench and is a convenient size and light-weight when changing your shooting position in the field and on the run.
- Our shooting rest design, when used correctly, does not require any rear support that creates additional unwanted pressure points. The 9" suede shooting rest top provides exceptional gripping of the forearm while protecting your guns finish. NTOA Member Tested and Recommended.


- Woodland Camo with/black suede 9" length
- Excellent choice when changing your firing position in the field and on the run
- 600 Polyester with/UV coating (Moisture resistant)
- Comes with military spec D rings and carrying strap
- Cradle Height approx: 3.5
- Internal military grade Velcro No-leak filling spout/seams (No sewing necessary)
- Shipping weight unfilled: 1 lb./2 oz.

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